Taking Wildlife Forensics to the Public

7-12 jbo wildlifeGRANTS PASS, Ore. – Wildlife Images is partnering with the Wildlife Forensics Lab in Ashland to create an educational experience they say will be the first of its kind in the world.

The partnership will allow the forensics lab to provide samples and eventually create an interactive crime scene investigation center at Wildlife Images for people to learn about what they do.

The lab, which is the only forensics lab in the world dedicated to crimes against animals, is usually locked down to protect and preserve the evidence.

Their executive director, Ken Goddard, says this is a good opportunity to teach people about what they do, convey the importance of wildlife forensics, and dispel some common myths.

“There’s always been this sense that if there is any sasquatch evidence out there, that we probably have it because this is a crime lab where non-human evidence would be taken. And same with the good old E.T. characters,” said Goddard. “I assure them we don’t.”

The partnership was announced during a ceremony at Wildlife Images Saturday night. As of now there is no firm timeline for the permanent forensics training center.