Wildfires Are Contained But Not Out

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Wildfires are still burning in our area more than a month after most of the big ones started.

The Oregon Gulch Fire and the Rogue River Drive Fire are now 100 percent contained.  However, Oregon Department of Forestry crews are still monitoring the area.  They are through the fires on a daily basis searching for hot spots, and if they find any, they put them out.

Fire officials said they will continue to do this until the entire fire appears to be put out, and that will not happen until the fall rains come, at the earliest.

“We feel comfortable that there won’t be any further problems from any of those fires in the future, but we always like to have people keeping an eye on them,” said Brian Ballou, Fire Prevention Specialist with the Oregon Department of Forestry.

Currently, fuel moisture levels remain unchanged, and as long as it stays hot and dry, fire danger levels will remain at extreme.