Wildfire Timber Salvage Discussed

Salvage LoggingMEDFORD, Ore. — Now that the fires are out in the Douglas Complex and other big fires that roared through the area this summer, state and local officials are wondering if and when salvage operations will begin on federal lands.

As NewsWatch12 reported last week, private timber holders are already busy clearing what they can, preparing to replant this season, but little has been done on BLM land so far.

With memories of thousands of acres not salvaged after the biscuit fire, Jackson County Commissioners are drafting a letter to BLM officials urging quick action.

“The first think I want to get out is the important of salvage logging, because those trees are only going to degrade to a point where they’re going to be worthless,” said Jackson County Commissioner Don Skundrick.

“If this doesn’t get salvaged, it leaves it at a higher risk of fire in the future,” said Commissioner Doug Breidenthal.

There was some concern by the board whether salvage on BLM land would count against the areas allowable cut and return under the O&C Act.