Wildfire Awareness Month Preps Residents

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Oregon Wildfire Awareness month is kicking off on Thursday.

Fire officials said to prepare for a wildfire have a wildfire emergency plan in place.  Also, get your house ready by creating a defensible space surrounding your home up to 100 feet.  This means to make sure your yard is well maintained, and remove low lying limbs and brush.

Residents can also help fire crews by making sure their house is accessible and visible.

“These fire engines are large and heavy and you need to make sure you have a driveway that can support 50 thousand pounds… is wide enough for us to drive up it and has a proper address on it because if we don’t know your address we certainly can’t find it,” said Deputy Fire Marshal,, Mark Northrop.

Local fire crews offer free home evaluations for anyone in a wildfire risk area.