“Wild” to Start Filming Next Week

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Reese Witherspoon, along with her film crew, will be in Ashland next week for the filming of the movie, “Wild”. Most of the filming will be done at the Ashland Plaza, along with the post office and the Breadboard Restaurant.

“Wild” is based off of the New York Times bestselling book by Cheryl Strayed, and tells the story of a woman hiking the Pacific Crest Trail after a failed marriage and death of her mother.

Filming for the movie will take place on October 21st and the 22nd. Streets surrounding the plaza will be closed on those days, but sidewalks will remain open.

Restaurants on the plaza say they do look for the filming to affect their business, but only slightly.

“It will make it problematic to park and stuff, but it’s already problematic to park on a lot of days, like Ashland gets crowded with tourists and it’s hard to park on a Thursday night, so I don’t think it will be much different,” said Oshia Golden, the manager at Martoli’s.

Witherspoon will be staying at the Ashland Springs Hotel during her visit to the Rogue Valley. Her film crew will be staying at the Winsor Best Western. Extrasonly.com is currently looking for extras for the film Wild. If you’re interested, go online and fill out an application.


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  1. steve burgess says:

    What they dont tell you is you have to JOIN the casting company at a cost of 87 dollars and the pay is 71 dollars a day….so it cost you 16 bucks to be in the movie….so if you want to PAY to be an extra, who according to the casting company….” must wait up to 12 hours in a holding area, no food, no cell phones, no contact with crew or the stars, no autographs and you provide your own,.,,everything..” not so much of a great deal….I am a local musician and they asked us to bring our own instruments, and cars, with no compensation for either….” SO if you want to be in a movie…no credit or speaking roles….and pay for it…..have fun….The company out of Portland is using the locals like sheep…and charging you for it….do the math…they want 300 people at 87 bucks each….they stand to pocket over 24ooo dollars AND they are not even the ones paying the daily wage, the production company is footing that…so let the fleecing begin

  2. Judy says:

    Stop complaining, to be an extra in a movie the $16.00 is totally worth it.

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