“Wild” Filming in Ashland

Reese 3ASHLAND, Ore. — Ashland is back to normal this evening after wrapping up filming for the movie, “Wild.”

The Hollywood production finished its first, last, and only day of filming in the plaza on Tuesday. Sure enough, the big star of the movie, Reese Witherspoon, was shooting scenes in the plaza, but thanks to tightly enforced crowd control, most people could only get a distant view.

The project has generated a good deal of excitement in the city for its economic benefit for local businesses. A number of members of Southern Oregon Film and Television also got the call to go to work, and they say it’s a great opportunity to get a foot in the door.

“I don’t necessarily want to work as a production assistant, but as far as getting into the industry, there’s nothing quite like this that runs through Oregon,” said production assistant Jacob Schatz.

While this is the last day of filming in Southern Oregon, the movie will continue to shoot in other parts of the state this fall.


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  1. Cyndi Keaty says:

    Would like to know how to become involved with the filming industry in SO Oregon, I am not an actress but would love to be involved somehow. Whether a stand in, serving snacks, whatever… thanks

  2. Mike says:

    Look up ExtrasONLY on web for starters.

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