WIC Program Affected by Shutdown

WICMEDFORD, Ore. — The government shutdown is affecting federal programs throughout the country. The WIC program, a special supplemental nutrition program for low income mothers with infants and children, is one of those programs.

The United States Food and Drug Administration funds the WIC program, but now it’s pulling its funding. Each state administers the program and each is handling the federal shutdown differently.

Some states are closing their WIC program completely, while others are tending to their existing clients but not continuing to take in new clients. The WIC program in Jackson County says they are going about business as usual.

“People can still come in and get their vouchers. They are still good. They can still use them at their stores, we’re still encouraging people to come in for their appointments and if anyone is new and interested in applying for WIC you can still do that as well,” said WIC Program Manager Debbie Mote-Watson.

The WIC program is a $7 billion program and supports roughly 9 million low income women and their children.