Whooping Cough Outbreak at Middle School

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Scenic Middle School has had two confirmed cases of whooping cough in the last few weeks. Both students have been treated with antibiotics for the disease and one has returned to classes, while the other is still out recovering.

Since the disease is very contagious and in some cases, fatal, the school has taken a proactive approach to making sure students and parents are notified. Administrators sent out a letter and email to all parents. Administrators have also contacted health officials in the area to let them know about the outbreak.

“We talked to Jackson County Mental Health and the CDC about their recommendations and we did get word out to teachers right away to what to look for. We talked to our La Clinica Health Center here so they knew what was going on,” said Brad Eaton, the Scenic Middle School Principal.

In addition, families of the students the school had on record for not being vaccinated for Pertussis have been contacted directly by staff. The school would not confirm if the two students with the disease had been vaccinated or not.