White City Moves Toward Incorporation

By Yessenia Anderson

WHITE CITY, Ore. — White City is closer to becoming a real city after four hours of problem solving by commissioners.

When the petition for incorporation was originally submitted, county officials believed there might have been fatal flaws in it. Those errors included not having the proper paperwork filed with the county clerk, such as an economic feasibility study.

County Commissioner John Rachor said the commission decided to interpret relatively vague laws in a manner that allows the process to move forward. They believe the incorporation brings with it huge benefits for residents.

“A lot of advantages. Plus they will have local control if they wanted to have a noise ordinance for barking dogs they will be able to do that right now; currently Jackson County does not have a noise ordinance,” said Rachor.

A meeting is set for June 27th to discuss finalize property boundaries to allow the project to move forward onto the November ballot.