White City Man Wins PCH Prize

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WHITE CITY, Ore. – $5,000 may not seem like a whole lot, but one White City winner gets a check every week for that amount for the rest of his life.

Once a week, for 15 years, John Wyllie tried to win a prize from the Publishers Clearing House. On Friday, when he thought he was headed out the door to help his dad fix a car, his plans were interrupted by the Prize Patrol.

As camera crews crowd him, the Prize Patrol hands over the check that will change his life. Wyllie moved in with his dad after losing his job, spending the last several years looking for work.

“And this is such a relief that I don’t have to keep, you know I probably will still work, but I won’t have to go out there every day looking for it, hoping to God that I find a job so I don’t have to go out in the street and starve,” Wyllie said.

The morning started with shaking and shock, and then turned into excitement, and ended with joy and relief.

“It is a relief that I’ve accomplished something in my life…and make my dad proud of me,” said Wyllie. “Just to see him happy is good enough for me….because the Lord knows I probably don’t deserve it all.”

Wyllie was hit with another surprise: after the Prize Patrol handed over the money today, he has thirty days to choose someone to win five thousand dollars a week for their life after he passes. Wyllie told NewsWatch12 he planned to give it to his son.