White City Homeowner Confronts Thief

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WHITE CITY, Ore. — A White City man catches a thief trying to break into his home and holds him at gun point until police arrive. John Lewis says he was asleep this morning when his wife woke him up in a panic. She told him someone was trying to break in.

Lewis says he jumped up and grabbed his firearm and went outside to confront the thief. The thief tried getting into the home through three different windows. He slit the screens and was tried sliding them open, but john’s wife just so happened to be up using the restroom at the exact time the thief was at work trying to enter the home.

Once John got outside, he told the thief to stop and threatened to shoot him. Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived within minutes and arrested the man. 24 year old Zenaido Quinonez-Aispuro is a known transient from Medford, also a documented gang member and he’s no stranger to the Jackson County Jail. He’s now lodged on multiple charges including theft and attempted burglary, with bail set at $24,000.


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  1. Milt says:

    Man should have waited and let the ass come in the window and then
    shot him in the house. Would have saved us some money.But I can understand why he didn’t
    not wanting to get his house dirty with all that scum ya know.But good job anyway sir gun Contrll at it’s best. WELL DONE.

  2. Royal Trent Sr says:

    I am a long time resident of White city, [rural area]A few years back I came home to find a burglary in progress at my home I pulled my weapon [A Ruger 44 magnum] called 911 and attempted to hold the 2 thieves at gunpoint until the help arrived [or at least what I thought would be help] now take note I dont want to have to clean up the mess after shooting some one either but after being run over by a thief during his escape a couple years later after robbing my gas station located in medford and going the surgery to repair my leg I had gotten a concealed weapons permit ,I had enough of being robbed ,anyway the situation spilled outside ,the theives made their way to their vehicle and were attempting to leave even after several warnings from me not to …but still no help had arrived , the thieves in the car at this point told me get out of tjhe way or were gonna run you over, well as you know ,I have been down that road , still no help.. the car car came at me , now I am an expert marksmen mind you highly skilled in firearm use I knew what was around me and what the safe zone was in the area around me , so I took the shot , shooting the tires out on one side of the car in attempt to stop the vehicle which I did , at that same moment a deputy arrived , and drew down on me ,[with an assault rifle ] telling me to drop the weapon [which of course I did ] to make a long story short I was arrested they let the burglars leave With my belongings [one of which was a 4500 .00 family heirloom wedding ring of which I never recovered by the way the Eagle Point police officer sent to backup the deputy ran in the other direction when I fired my weapon [Shame on you ] leaving the deputy with no backup note to the deputy NEVER take your eyes of the person your drawing down on , when he took his eyes of me to look at the other officer running scared if i would have been a bad guy , you would be dead your bullet proof vest wouldnt stop my custom loads in my 44 mag , there was an article in the paper on the shooting incorrectly describing the incident and a few days later I had not one but 2 different people approach me stating that that had problems with these same people and wanted to know what I was going to do about this matter because the police would not do anything about them strange isnt it ? the charges against were dropped although I did have to pay for the tires [WTF?] and the deputy later did come by and apologized [ I hoped he had words with that E.P. officer about what the word Backup meant] I later told the deputy I would back him up if no one else would The Moral of this story is Know your rights !!! We in Oregon have the right to protect ourselves and property Its called the Castle Doctrine read it !! it is different in every state! and Protect your rights to bear arms and get to know your local police that patrol your area the have a tough job in keeping use safe and they do the best they can with all the budgets cuts and reduced manpower So if you find yourself being robbed and fear for your family SHOOT EM ! inside your home or you might end up in jail like I did and as far as that Sandy Hill school shooting goes What business did that teacher have teaching their how to shoot a weapon and taking him to a shooting range on a regular basis and then letting him have access to any weapon knowing he had mental issues? so tell me If firearms are banned in the USA and all the law abiding citizens surrender their weapons do you think the criminals will? I doubt that , If you own a weapon and you have kids around buy a trigger lock like I did and sleep safe at night enough said R.T.

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