White City Group Promoting Incorporation

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WHITE CITY, Ore. – A Southern Oregon group is raising awareness about a ballot measure that could impact more than 8,000 people between Medford and Eagle Point.

A group of residents are putting up large signs around White City. The group is hoping to bring attention to a ballot measure to incorporate White City. Organizers with White City Group are setting up ten signs around the slower traffic areas of White City.

Organizers are hoping to push forward a ballot measure, where residents will have a chance to vote on two items; first, to incorporate White City, and second, to approve a tax rate of $1.45 per thousand of assessed value. Organizers say in years past, there have been several attempts to incorporate White City, but interest waned and a lack of information halted the process.

“This time, I think we took it far as we could, possibly be done for the information, and hopefully this gives us 30 days in which the public can actually review what we collected and make their decision from there,” said Coordinator Stan Alexander

The group says Jackson County Commissioners will try to set aside a million dollars to build a city hall building if the city is incorporated by 2014. The city will also be able to form their own council and police agency.

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  1. Tony says:

    Beware of the SELF SELECTED 10. WHen I first heards of the intention I went to the meetings and objected to the incorporation plan. Along weith others who objected to, oddly we wer not notified of any future meeetings. This group is attempting to control the lives of the great people living here in White City. A good example that I am familiar with was one of the self chosen,self chosen select 10 members who owns a house here biut doe not live in it sewed his neighbor who is a proud citizen that moved here from Burma over a small section of his lawn. Some where over the years when a fence was replaced it was not on the property line. Prior, there was a designated piece of land designated as a walkway to the park seperiated by both properties. WQhen the member of the self chosen select 10 decided he wanted that property as his, he sewed the gentleman and aquired the section mentioned due to the misplacement of the fence. MOTIVE was to then attempt to take the piece of property designated as a walk way for the people in White City to use and add it to his property. Well to make a long story short. In a hearing with the coulty commisioners he lost which meant we the citizens stopping the lawsuite in the county courts. Now the after a setlement the walkway is open to the public to use. It is a safer route for the children to get to the park. This is the type of people that are on the list to take control of this great White City.
    Anything they do is going to make every one pay higher taxes. The worst part is tthe self shosen select few want to control the lives of the people in White City.
    Renters also beware, when the property owners pay higher taxes, the rent will get higher to pay those taxes. savewhitecity1@yahoo.com white.city@aol.com

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