White City Controlled Burns Postponed

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WHITE CITY, Ore. —¬†¬†Grayback Forestry burned 15 acres near Table Rock Road on Thursday morning in a controlled burn to prepare for another burn that would have been almost 10 times larger.

The 143 acre burn was suppose to happen Friday morning, but was cancelled Thursday evening due to less-than-ideal conditions in the area. Oregon Department of Transportation requested the burn with Grayback Forestry, to get rid of invasive grass species in a wetland area.

In order for the burn to be successful, they had to wait until late spring, when fire season had already started.

“We did a spring burn this year because right now the weedy grasses are kind of at their peak, they’re drying down, they’re easier to burn, and they have all their seed that are nice and ripe and mature. [They are] just about to fall off the plant,” said Paul Benton with ODOT.

Grayback plans to have the controlled burn next week if burn conditions improve.