Whiskey Room Opens In Medford

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MEDFORD, Ore. –  A new business is bringing new options to nightlife in downtown Medford.

The Whiskey Room located on Grape Street off of 8th Street opened its doors at the end of December 2013. The venue hosts specialty whiskey tasting parties and live music by local artists. Each of the “Friday Night Flights,” or tastings, are customized to give people the chance to try a new range of whiskey.

“With four smaller tastings of a variety of whiskeys, you can really get a feel for what your favorite is…or also what you like to mix that with, if you like it neat, if you like it on the rocks, if you want a coke back or anything like that with your specific type of whiskey, it allows you to do that,” said Desiree Vaccher, the co-owner of the new venue.

The Whiskey Room also features karaoke and trivia nights on Wednesdays and Thursdays. For a full look at the special events hosted by The Whiskey Room you can visit their website.