When Does It Start To Get Hot?

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“I would like to know at what month does it start to get really hot?”
Elizabeth Vara

Looking at historical climate data from cities in our region the average temperatures for the hottest months break down like this:
Medford: July with average highs at 90.2 degrees
Grants Pass: August with average highs at 89.0 degrees
Klamath Falls: July with average highs at 85.7 degrees
Ashland: July with average highs at 86.7 degrees
Roseburg: August with average highs at 86.3 degrees

Compare this to the hottest days EVER recorded in these cities:
Medford: 115 degrees July 20, 1946
Grants Pass: 114 degrees July 23, 1928
Klamath Falls: 102 degrees August 8, 1981
Ashland: 108 degrees August 8, 1981
Roseburg: 109 degrees July 20, 1946.

No matter where you live July and August are the hottest months of the year and really starts to heat up in July. This year will be no different, in fact we’ll even break some records! Here’s a look at the potential for record breaking heat the first days of July!

City and Forecast high’s for July 1 and 2:       Record Highs for July 1 and 2:

Medford: 102 and 104                                   108 and 108
Grants Pass: 99 and 102                                105 and 105
Klamath Falls: 94 and 95                               93 and 94
Mt. Shasta: 96 and 96                                     92 and 94 (This would be the 4th and 5th record hot days THIS year!)
Alturas: 99 and 97                                           92 and 97