What’s New at the Outdoors Show

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — From wild cats to high tech hunting gear, NewsWatch 12’s Jackson County Sportsmen’s and Outdoor Recreation Show is giving people a chance to see it all first hand.

The 3-month-old tigers featured at the Outdoors Show won’t be this small and adorable for long. By seven months, they weigh close to 500 pounds, but you can still catch them while they’re little as they headline the Sportsmen’s and Outdoors Recreation Show.

“We’ll be bringing out six cats with us, about five different species, and we show you how they climb and jump and snarl and all types of natural cat behavior, and it’s a lot of fun for everybody, kids and all ages,” said Craig Wagner of Great Cats World Park.

This year’s event features hundreds of exhibits, ranging from new technology for hunters and anglers, to safety regulations from Oregon State Police and the Coast Guard. A display from the company “Earlink” is showcasing new ear plugs that automatically adjust to the sounds of gunfire while still allowing hunters to hear clearly.

As everyone takes their final steps to get ready for the show this weekend, there’s still plenty to see at the Jackson County Sportsmen’s and Outdoors Recreation show, sponsored by NewsWatch 12. It all begins Friday at noon.