What’s Cooking: Banana Split

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The culinary class at Grants Pass High School has been recognized for their skills, and now they are sharing a top-notch dessert with NewsWatch12. Justice Prosise and Liz Lowell show us how to make a banana split with caramelized pineapple.



½ peeled, cored, diced pineapple
2 oz. Baker sugar
1 oz. butter
1 banana
4 sugar wafers
2 strawberries
¼ oz. pistachios
Two 1 oz. scoop of vanilla bean ice cream
1 tablespoon lemon zest sauce
1 tablespoon raspberry sauce
1 tablespoon chocolate sauce

1. Heat saute pan on medium-high heat, add butter and lightly brown
2. 2. ass half of diced pineapple plus 1 tablespoon sugar, continue caramelizing until color is even
3. Remove from heat, cool completely
4. Cut bananas at an angle, four ½ inch thick slices
5. Coat banana slices with remaining sugar
6. Caramelize sugar with torch
7. Cut strawberries into fan

To assemble:

1. Drizzle plate with three sauces
2. Place a 2-inch circle form in the middle of the plate, distribute pineapple evenly, gently press down, remove form
3. Place one wafer over pineapple, add 2 pieces of caramelized banana side by side
4. Add last water
5. Evenly distribute the pistachios, add fanned strawberry