What’s Cooking: Caprese Salad

Southern Oregon high schools are not just using cooking class to teach kids the basics of cooking, they are inspiring kids to create gourmet dishes and see if they have what it takes to become a professional chef. We put one student’s skills to the test to find out what’s cooking.


Vine-ripened Tomatoes with stem
Artisan Lettuce
Kalamata Olives
Mozzarella Fresca Balls
Parmesan Crisp
Basil Sprig
Salt and pepper
Extra virgin olive oil
Balsamic vinegar


1. Score and blanch tomatoes with stems attached, peel cut top off and set aside, hollow out tomatoes using a melon baler, careful not to break walls. Set aside and season with salt and pepper.

2. Pink 2-3 different kinds of Artisan lettuce leaves and a sprig of basil. Wash in cold water and pat dry.

3. Arrange lettuce in hollowed out tomatoes and place on a serving plate. Garnish with olives, mozzarella, Parmesan crisp and basil. Season lettuce leaves lightly with salt and pepper and drizzle balsamic vinegar and olive oil.