West Medford Residents Band Together

neighborhoodwatchMEDFORD, Ore. — The West Medford Residents Facebook group has more than 600 members. It started as a friendly page, just creating a community among residents. But then people started warning each other about suspicious activity. Medford Police commended the group for creating the page and then hundreds of people joined.

The group’s administrator says they have also created a Neighborhood Watch Group. Police met with them this week to teach them how to take a proper description of a suspect or a car. They also put them in contact with the officers patrolling that part of town.

Residents say this page is a way they hope to help keep crime activity down.

“The more people that are watching out for each other the more we can do about our neighborhood and the less likely someone is going to come in and do something wrong because they know people are watching,” said Tiffany Shermer.

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  1. Beth says:

    Find out the type of car your paper delivery person drives…as a former paper delivery person, we were “stopped” about 100 useless times by cops while just doing our job…yeah I know, their job too but better spent catching actual bad guys!

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