Wednesday’s Child – Timothy and Hailey

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MEDFORD, Ore.– There is a problem trying to talk to a two and a four year old at the Kid Time Discovery Experience in Medford. So many toys.. so little time. Hailey is two and has no problem talking about the world around her. Her case worker she is the more outgoing of the two.. She’s into almost anything girly, her favorite toys are her purse and her princess hair brush. Four year old Timothy is more of a guys guy. He spent a lot of his time playing with cars and trucks and he takes the role or older brother very seriously.

This pairs forever family will be getting a bonded brother and sister. When we were together, there never a time when these two didn’t get along, despite all there was to see and do. They dealt with crowds and strangers, pretty well. Everyone involved in their lives right now wants to make sure they stay together. They only have each other, something they may need even more as they get older. Their relationship is the only connection to their biological family they may ever have.

As for what they want and needs today, their case worker says that’s much easier to determine. She says Timothy and Hailey want to be loved and they want to give love. We can only hope they will soon have a forever family that will help them do both.


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  1. terri says:

    What happened to their parents? They would be a gift to any parents!

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