Wednesday’s Child “Kenny”

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MEDFORD, ORE.- Getting a glimpse of 6 year old Kenny at Medford’s Bear Creek Park isn’t easy. He’s a fast moving target and there is a lot of cover. We did slow him down long enough to find out that he likes animals, especially horses, foxes and cheetahs. When he’s not enjoying animals he spends a lot of time riding his bike. Speed is the key, he often rides fast and there is the occasional crash.

Kenny loves adventure but he isn’t always looking for a thrill. He is also creative. One of his favorite video games lets him create his own monster. Despite the title of monster, Kenny is quick to point out that what he makes doesn’t have to be scary. He’ll also make a monster that is normal or cool.  About the time Kenny has you thinking he’s going soft he brings up another video game that gets his adrenalin flowing. He says Minecraft lets him build things with giant explosions.

Despite his love of all things fast and explosive, Kenny has dreams of one day seeing the world, he wants to go to Africa and see a cheetah and a cheetah cub. We are hoping Kenny’s forever family will have a sense of adventure and a lot of frequent flyer miles.