Wednesday’s Child: Brandon

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MEDFORD, Ore. — This Wednesday’s Child is closer to adulthood than most, but his need for a forever family is just as great.

The Renaissance men like Di Vinci and Michelangelo combined multiple talents, like science, art and literature and while Japanese anime and computer graphics are a long way from the Sistine Chapel, Brandon talents cover a wide palette.

Many of the children we profile on Wednesday’s Child are young, a blank page for forever families, but Brandon is 15. More of a work in progress like and a sketch, his personality is still taking shape, the outline is there, but a new family could help enhance the details, while enjoying what’s already developed. Like Brandon’s text book knowledge of the caped crusader.

“I’m a big fan of Batman,” he says. “Oh my god, I can tell you anything about Batman and I will know.”

A connection to the arts is a recurring theme in Brandon’s hobbies. His drawings are influenced by Japanese anime comics and he wants to travel to japan someday.

“I am just really interested in the culture…I’ve seen pictures, it’s different there…bigger cities and the architecture there is just amazing,” Brandon says.

He even thinks about working for a Japanese company.

“I really want to work for Nintendo. I think if you play video games, that it would be great to see your creations come to life.”

Creating seems to be what drive this artist, writer and video game designer of the future.

“It makes my feelings go on to the paper, it makes myself go on to paper it makes me feel like I’m not alone that I have someone right beside me. That I’m drawing and I’m creating.”

When Brandon isn’t making his own art, he’s enjoying what others have created, like horror movies, or heavy metal bands. Brandon is always about the art. Despite his love of designing his own realities, his vision of the future is not a crazy fantasy.

“Go to college, have a roommate there, save up for my own house, get a wife, have some kids,” he says.

Who knows? Maybe he’ll support that family with a video game starring the character we saw him create. So look for Leon, in a Nintendo game, say…Christmas 2025.

Our thanks to the science factory for letting us inside. If you’re interested in learning more about Brandon, foster care or adoption, contact the Department of Human Services Child Welfare Division at 776-6120 ask for extension 264.