Wednesday’s Child – Angel, Annah, Reina

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The only thing harder that trying to have a conversation with a child at the Kid Time Discovery Experience is trying have conversations with three children. Angel, Annah and Reina are great at finding something to keep them busy, and these weren’t even their favorite things. Angel is going on ten and he would have been happy outside. His favorite thing to do is play soccer with his friends

When Angel isn’t kicking a soccer ball with his buddies, he takes his role as a big brother seriously. That’s not uncommon for kids who have been in the foster care system. Annah is five and likes to play with her big brother when she can. When were were together she didn’t have any trouble finding things to do on her own. People that know Annah say he likes to help around the house, especially in the kitchen. Then there is little Reina, she’s is four, has a great personality and despite her size her brother says she can really get attention when she needs too.

We didn’t hear Reina share that particular talent, in fact we saw more smiles then sound effects. She also found a lot to do and played we’ll with her brother and sister. It takes a special family to bring a child into their home, especially a child who’s had more than their share of challenges. But imagine deciding to help change the lives three children. At first it might seem like just three times the challenge but it results in three times the reward