Web Extra: Sheriff Winters Conference

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters held a press conference Wednesday afternoon to confirm that employees have received their pink slips. The sheriff says those 66 employees will lose their jobs unless the office can find more sources of funding.

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  1. Jesse K says:

    Maybe if they did not buy all of the new fancy cop cars, they would not have to lay any of the officers off. In fact the person that should be walking is the one that approved the budget, and purchase of so many, or so fancy.
    (by fancy I mean muscle cars) Or in fact the building they just bought.
    Why was this not mentioned until now, could it be that the sheriff was off making a movie about ‘Weed Country’ for Discovery channel???
    Seems to me, maybe a jump on the bandwagon for the Lottery money, that Josephine Co. is after.
    There is another subject, just crying for some attention.

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