Web Extra: How to Reduce Waste

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore.РRecycling experts of Southern Oregon said the costs of recycling are expensive, but they are nothing compared to the costs and impacts of creating new products. Denise Barnes from Rogue Disposal said recycling not only expends the life of our landfills, it allows us to give a new life to something old.

But experts also claim recycling is only beginning to sustainability. They said the best recycling efforts start by first reducing waste in the first place. Buying materials with less packaging, or packaging that can actually be recycled. Also bringing your own container and buying in bulk, or taking your own shopping bag and reusable coffee cup to the store helps reduce waste.

Barnes said, “If you forget, do the walk of shame. Walk out to your car and get your reusable bags. Simple step right there.”

Instead of going for something new, she said to give a second life to something old.

“Repairing things. we have gotten away from the old repairing and rental. We just want to go out and buy new stuff”

Barnes said, taking steps to reduce waste is not only good for the environment, but for your wallet as well. She said many times the steps you can take to create a sustainable life, are also ways to save money.

Roxane Beigeo-Coryell, the recycling and sustainability coordinator at Southern Oregon University said getting started is all about finding a first step.

“Finding one first step that you can do and something that really makes sense for your life because not everything makes sense for everyone.”

And it is not only important for our lifetime, but for generations to come.

“we only have one planet, and we only have so many resources and it is important for us to reuse our resources wisely.