Storm Watch 12

StormWatch 12 Forecast

The streak continues. Saturday morning is going to be another cold one, especially east of the Cascades.


  • Today:  Saturday brings another day filled with sunshine, but we'll also see a very chilly morning again. For the coast, a FROST ADVISORY and HARD FREEZE WARNING will be in effect until 8 AM. Afternoon highs will be near average, aside from the areas east of the Cascades where they'll be slightly below seasonal normals. Winds: ENE 5 to 15 mph.
  • Tonight:  Overnight expect similar temperatures. Clear skies will make for a VERY COLD morning with regional temperatures ranging from the 40’s down to negative numbers. Wind chill values will be lower, especially in the High Country and on the east side. **Remember that frostbite can occur very quickly in areas that have very low wind chills, so cover all exposed skin if heading outside for a long stretch.
  • Tomorrow:  Tomorrow, temperatures will run about the same in the morning or a little warmer. We will also rise a few degrees in the afternoon. Clear skies remain overhead, and winds a little breezy at times.
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