2013 Weather Year in Review

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We broke several records during 2013 for many cities with record highs, record lows, record snow and record rain but what 2013 will be most known for is the driest year on record for Medford, Mt. Shasta and Klamath Falls, the second driest year for Yreka and third driest for Bandon. January was the 9th driest January on record and was much colder than normal, February was cooler than average while March through May brought warm and dry conditions.

June brought Medford’s first 100+ June temperature day since 2008 setting the stage for the rest of the Summer. July was hot, smoky and DRY without a drop of rain falling in Medford and Medford saw 14 days straight of 95+ days. Along with the hot and dry conditions we saw thunderstorms that started 50 fires across the region including three large wildfires. These fires ended July on a smoky note and set the stage for most of August.  In August there was smoke 22 our of 31 days causing hazardous air quality levels for many cities in the region.

September ended the opposite of Summer with a large storm tapping into left over moisture and energy from Typhoon Pabuk bringing heavy rain and damaging winds to all of the Pacific Northwest. October was pretty quite with average temperatures and drier than average conditions. November continued the dry trend and while most years we see fog move in and linger through the day, any fog that did form burned off quickly by the afternoon. December will be remember as record breaking cold and snowy! Medford received a daily snowfall of 3.2 inches on the 6th and a bitter cold airmass the likes of which we haven’t seen since 1972 made the snow stick and stay. A week later snow finally started to melt off only to be followed by the rare event of freezing rain. After the cold air and snow dispersed valley fog returned and west side valleys didn’t see much sunshine to end the year.

-Meteorologist Megan Parry