Weather Wise: Back to “Normal”

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Quite a different show in the weather today as compared to yesterday. Yesterday, a lot of moisture in the atmosphere brought in a large stratus deck that covered most of the forecast area, and thus kept our temperatures a bit cooler. Now, we still had some thunderstorm development in the region, but we were expecting much more; and there would’ve been, had the temperatures gotten to where they were supposed to be. At least one fire had been sparked over the course of the last few days with the lightning.

Today, was much different. Clear to mostly sunny skies through the day allowed for the “normal” temperatures to make their return. I put quotes around normal because we are in fact NOT seeing normal temperatures. They are well above normal for this time of the year, but they are “normal” for what we’ve been seeing lately. So, expect the temperatures to continue to get hotter each afternoon now that higher pressure is building back into the area.

With the hot afternoon temperatures and instability in the region, thunderstorms will once again be a concern. There were a few that moved through on Saturday afternoon. Saturday was a little drier to begin with, so in turn, there was not a whole lot of development. However, lightning was detected across the Basin, Northern California and just North of Douglas and Klamath Counties. Sunday will bring a bigger threat, with a few disturbances moving through. This has prompted a RED FLAG WARNING for much of the Klamath Basin and Eastern Douglas County. Abundant lightning, dry fuels, and gusty winds create serious concern for fire danger.

After that, a large ridge of high pressure will retrograde into our area and heat us up considerably. Highs in the 100’s for the Rogue Valley and Northern California are expected through Thursday. Temperatures will be warmest on Tuesday with many records in jeopardy of being broken. Not only that, overnight lows are only expected to drop into the upper 60’s/lower 70’s. This event will likely put a heat advisory in play for the west-side valleys on Monday and Tuesday.  By mid-week, the thunderstorm threat continues with a weak cold front moving in. Active weather will continue into the weekend.

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Meteorologist Seth Phillips

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Photos Submitted Today:

Kristi Mastrofini:


Ashland Sunset (7-9-14)


Bad moon a rising…


Herb Kennedy: Supermoon

Supermoon 1

Supermoon 2

Supermoon 3

Nancy Green:

Developing Cumulus

Developing Cumulus

Patti Wolff:

Cumulonimbus Incus (7-11-14)

Cumulonimbus Incus (7-11-14)

Tim Crippin:


“Supermoon” seen from Central Point.

David Jenks:

Beautiful full moon tonight!

Beautiful full moon tonight!