Weather Turning Trucks Around

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NEAR ASHLAND, Ore. — Truck drivers ran into several stops today on I-5. Traffic is stopped now on I-5 because trucks are once again prohibited from moving south past Exit 11. Caltrans asked the Oregon Department of Transportation this morning to hold trucks due to blizzard conditions between Yreka and Redding.

So, on Friday morning around 9 a.m., crews started breaking the news to truck drivers telling them to turn around. This caused a cluster of semis to form on the side of I-5 and on Siskiyou Boulevard. ODOT crews were advising the truck drivers to head back to Exit 30 where the county opened up the fairgrounds to stage the trucks.

Some drivers NewsWatch12 talked to had already been waiting several hours since about 2 a.m. morning. Others were worried about this incident holding up their holiday plans. Truck driver Man Peet was supposed to be in Sacramento just before 1 p.m. Friday afternoon to end his trip from Washington and then meet his family in California for Christmas.

“I have to pick my family up tomorrow morning so we can head to San Diego for Christmas, and since I’m stuck here now, I don’t know what we’re going to do,” Preet said.

ODOT started allowing trucks to move forward around noon, but once crews started to let trucks through another traffic jam began. I-5 was backed up southbound for miles moving very slowly. It was a mixture of trucks being let loose and holiday traffic and prior chain restrictions all causing the jam. As of Friday evening, I-5 at the Siskiyou Summit was completely shut down due to weather in California.

If you’re headed south of Ashland on I-5, transportation officials do urge you to have chains and supplies in case you need them.