Weather Not Affecting Vineyard Harvest

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Foggy skies and ripe grapes greeted volunteers harvesting Sunday morning at the Caprice Vineyards in Central Point. Sheryl Dodd-Hansen drove up from Sacramento for the second year in a row to help her cousin harvest.

“The harvest was a little later last year, it was the first weekend of November and it rained the entire time and so we picked in the rain,” remembered Dodd-Hansen.

Vineyard owner Jim Davidian says this summer’s weather has been perfect after the initial rains and warm spring.

“A hot, dry summer that has made them really ripe. So we’ve got our grapes up to a really nice sugar level and they taste great and they’re ready to go,” said Davidian.

Davidian says the vines have been producing grapes at the vineyard for 24 years. He says the grapes harvested Sunday require a lot of sun light to produce a rich flavor.

“With a hot, dry summer like this, we get plenty of sunlight and the vines are able to produce a lot of sugar,” said Davidian.

Davidian expected to harvest about ten tons of grapes¬†Sunday¬†on his vines that take up about six acres. He say after the recent 84 day dry spell, the harvest might be a different story if it weren’t for his irrigation system.

“We have irrigation. If we didn’t have irrigation it would have been a very long, hot, dry summer that the vines would have probably run out of water” said Davidian.