Weather Delays Drivers On I-5 South

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NEAR MOUNT ASHLAND, Ore. — It’s been a long week for Oregon Department of Transportation crews at the Siskiyou summit and Sunday was no different.

“It’s been a lot of hard work. You just don’t stop,” said ODOT worker Lori Reeves.

After lifting full chain requirements earlier Sunday morning, Interstate 5 was hit hard again Sunday afternoon. The storm caused some trucks to spin out and need help.

“It could have been a semi that missed a gear and stopped and when one stops they all stop. Then they can’t get going and are spinning on the ice and snow,” said Reeves.

ODOT had to shut down I-5 south for a little while Sunday afternoon as crews helped give trucks a push.

Marcela de Santos is making the drive from Seattle to Los Angeles to spend Christmas with her family. She said she knew about the winter weather hitting the summit.

“Our GPS is telling us we may have some snow up ahead on south five,” said de Santos.

Reeves and her crew continue pre treating the road so the next time a front moves through, the road will be ready.