Waterbirth Center Adds Location

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Moms-to-be now have another option when outlining their birth plans. A center for providing waterbirths is expanding.

After four other births, Julie Duncan chose to have a natural birth outside of a hospital for the first time.

“I wanted the baby to come into the world in a peaceful, natural way,” said Julie.

Julie And Jeremiah Duncan said the first two days of their newborn daughter’s life has been filled with peace and bonding time.

“She has not had any real disturbances; she’s been with me the whole time,” said Julie. “Normally, they take them away and do screenings; there’s a lot of time away.”

The choice Julie made with having a natural birth is a choice the Trillium Waterbirth Center says more people are making.

“There is a community demand, a need for this,” explained Trillium Waterbirth Center’s Director, Augustine Colebrook.

Trillium’s first location went up in Medford in 2011, delivering about 50 babies the first year and another 75 the next. With moms-to-be coming as far away as Roseburg, Trillium added a second waterbirth center in Grants Pass. The center says it can do almost everything an OB’s office would do, with the exception of surgery and giving pain medications – that’s where the tub comes in.

“When women give birth naturally, there’s a significant amount of pain,” Colebrook explained. “Our midwives have massage techniques positioning, aroma therapy, and we can talk to you about different techniques and coaching, but one of the best ways is immersion in water.”

The health clinic offers prenatal care, midwives for a natural birth, and postpartum care. They’re the only state licensed, free-standing birthing centers in Southern Oregon. The availability of choices are what Julie said changed her daughter’s birth story.

“It was the easiest one I’ve had,” said Julie. “It was beautiful, and I can’t say enough about how empowering it is, where I felt like I was being heard and my wishes were being granted.”

Trillium will be holding a Waterbirth 101 Workshop at 3 p.m., Saturday at the Medford Armory. You can learn more about the Trillium Waterbirth Center at this weekend’s Rogue Valley Health Fair, Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is either a $2 donation to Sparrow Clubs or two cans of food, which will be donated to ACCESS.