Water Short-Circuits System

shady cove emergcySHADY COVE, Ore. — A leaking roof is being blamed for problems with the new security system at Shady Cove School.

The sheriff’s office and school staff were alerted last week when the new alarm went off twice without anyone pushing the button. The system was just installed this summer as a way to remotely link the school to the sheriff’s office.

How system works is a teacher or student pushes a panic button at Shady Cove School, and activates the system at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, who can view cameras and lock doors remotely. Last week, that system came on twice, but sheriff’s deputies couldn’t see a problem.

As it turns out, a water leak in one of the rooms at the school got water into one of the control boxes. That short-circuited, and caused what the system’s designers call a “false panic,” in which the system acts like the button was pushed.

Designer’s from future concepts were in the Rogue Valley this week and say the problem has been fixed. Sheriff Mike Winters says the problems acted like a drill for deputies and school staff, but one they weren’t expecting.

“Who knows what’s going to set things off? Practice is good, that’s the way we look at it. We’ll get the hole in the roof fixed, and it’s been a good thing, actually,” said Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters.

The Eagle Point School District says its maintenance staff is working with future concepts to correct the problem.