Water Levels at All Time Low

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Water levels in Southern Oregon are at an all-time low this time of the year.

Many waterways and reservoirs are down below the average level compared to last year. Watermasters are hoping for more rain or snow in the next few months.

“The winter snow pack is an  additional reservoir for water that feeds all of our needs during  the summer months. So, if we don’t get a good snow pack, that kind of affects the summer flows of all the creeks,” explained District 13 watermaster Travis Kelly.

Kelly showed NewsWatch 12 how he measures  32 stream guage locations in Jackson County.

He uses what’s called a velocity meter to measure how much water is going down a stream to determine the water level. The end of the meter sends out an acoustic pulse and tracks particles in the creek to measure the waters velocity.

Fire departments are also hoping for more rain or snow. The resevoirs are resources for crews to pull water from during fire season. The Natural Resources Conservation Service will give out the year’s water level forecast in January.

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