Water Bills Running High in Phoenix

PHOENIX, Ore. — A water rate issue in Phoenix has been boiling over the past few months and Tuesday night a study was presented in a meeting to both city council and the members of the community.

Some members of the community feel they are paying several times more than the amount of water they are actually using. City officials say they must charge more than just the gallons that were used because of the cost of tanks, pipes and maintenance.

City leaders say they hope to have a long term solution so phoenix residents can plan on a consistent rate.

“We’re trying to be as fair as possible to everyone in the city and make sure, number one, that they get a quality product and number two, that they get it at a proper price,” explained Phoenix City Manager Eli Naffah.

No decision was made Tuesday night and several public hearings will take place before any decision is made on any potential changes to Phoenix water rates.