Was James Holmes Medicated?

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By Bryan Navarro

The man accused of opening fire in a Colorado movie theater Friday, killing 12 and injuring 58 others made his first court appearance. Unshaven and with his hair dyed, James Holmes did not say a word during his court hearing.

Many are wondering if Holmes, who appeared dazed, was medicated in court. Inmate medical teams say they do give medicine to inmates to prevent potentially dangerous situations. Every inmate is guaranteed medical attention. If they have a prescription, it’s continued while they are incarcerated. But health care providers can and do prescribe additional medicine, when there are threats behind bars.

In Jackson and Josephine Counties, a national company called Conmed manages healthcare. In addition to continuing inmates current prescriptions, they also step in to protect. Mental health professionals make that determination. Each county jail operates differently; it could be jail personnel or county health official who decide to prescribe.

That may have been the case a year ago, when Jordan Criado made his first court appearance. He was seemingly dazed and wore what officials from Josephine county say looked like a suicide-prevention smock. It’s unknown what, if anything, was given to Criado or to Jason Holmes.

“Again it’s unclear exactly what they were treating,” states Dr. James Hammels of Behavioral Health at RVMC. “This is more, pure sociopathy and it’s based on the fact that he put so much remarkable amount of organization into being able to pull this off.”

Doctors say there are several different medications that can be prescribed, such as anti-psychotics and neuroleptics. Those are used to treat a variety of conditions, from schizophrenia to general agitation.