Warmest Weather of the Year, Lots of Sun

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The high temperature reached 80 in Brookings, as the, “Chetco Effect…or Brookings Effect–as some call it) was in full swing.  The relative humidity was measured at 7% in Brookings in the afternoon on Monday, with humidity levels dropping to 17% at the Rogue Valley Medford International Airport.

Winds were coming in from the Northeast all day, which actually cooled down communities and agricultural farms east of the Cascades by five degrees.  While, the “Down-sloping” effect of moving up and over the Cascades dried the air and warmed it; so that Medford was two degrees warmer on Monday (75) than on Sunday…and Brookings was 11 degrees warmer than Sunday…with a that high of 80.

We will have another day of Chetco Effect on Tuesday, with a degree or two of warming in the Rogue Valley, and about the same temperatures along the Coast.  Temperatures in Klamath Falls will warm by five or six degrees.  It will, however, be chilly tonight in the valleys…and a frost advisory has been issued for primarily the colder (tucked in) parts of the Rogue Valley, Applegate Valley, Illinois Valley, Sam’s Valley and the Bear Creek Valley.  Lows in Medford and Grants Pass will be in the high 30’s, with the coldest orchards in the 33 to 36 degree range.

Some frost is possible near the ground, so gardeners should cover tender vegetables and flowers in the colder areas.  Remember, the thermometer officially measures the temperature at 4 and 1/2 feet above the ground.  Ground temperatures can be as much as 2 to 5 degrees colder than the official temperatures.

Warmer weather is on tap for Wednesday, Thursday & Friday as the high reaches up to near or slightly above 80.  Nighttime lows will be warmer, so orchardists and gardeners won’t have any worries for the remainder of the week.

A couple of small weather fronts are showing up on the computer charts for the weekend and early next week.  So, it will cool down, while more clouds will return Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Some showers are possible along the Coast, north of the Umpqua Divide and in the Cascades north of Lake of the Woods.