Warm & Sunny Start To School

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We have a similar set up today with high pressure stationary in the Pacific and a trough just off shore which will continue to bring windy conditions just off the coast for one more day.  This set up also will cause offshore flow in Josephine and Douglas counties which means we’ll see dry winds in the areas of fires which may help push fires westward.  Tomorrow as the trough offshore shift inland strong winds will move from the coast to areas further inland, especially east of the Cascades, and as such a Fire Weather Watch has been issued for Modoc county in California for tomorrow afternoon due to forecasted strong winds and low humidites.  Keep in mind Fire Danger Level is at ‘Extreme.’

As we head into tomorrow we’ll see an end to the warming trend with the warmest temperatures of the week about 5-10 degrees above normal, but this will be short-lived.  As we head into the weekend we’ll see a cooling trend that will drop our temperatures about 10 degrees from Wednesdays highs.  A cooler air mass is being ushered in as a strong low pressure lowers to the coast from the Gulf of Alaska later this week. 

Besides the temperatures the other story will be the chance for thunderstorms. Tropical Depression John’s moisture looks to get caught up in the monsoon and move into our region late Wednesday into Thursday increasing chances for thunderstorms.  For now it looks like a slight chance as there isn’t much instability in the atmosphere, but this is a system we will be keeping our eye on as we approach the end of the week.

We continue to get spotter reports of less smoke in the air, that trend appears to continue today. Air quality across the region this morning was ‘Good,’ for up to date air quality levels you can click on ‘Weather Links.’

I’ll be answer the weather question of the week during Newswatch 12 This Morning tomorrow! This weeks question was sent in by Terry T., asking, “What do you look at on the satellite and radar images?”

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Meteorologist Megan Parry