Warm & Sunny Start to Pear Blossom

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This afternoon and evening clouds will be increasing as a cold front starts to approach the coast, this will keep temperatures more mild tonight but will also bring us a chance for light showers tomorrow, mainly in the morning. If you’re headed out to the Pear Blossom runs and parade tomorrow there is a chance for light showers, it won’t be a wash out, but maybe bring a rain jacket or umbrella. If we’re lucky the cold front will stay north of us and we won’t see any showers Saturday! What we will get with this first cold front is colder temperatures with highs about ten degrees cooler than this afternoon.

Another couple systems arrive Sunday and Monday that will continue to knock our temperatures down. From today to Sunday and Monday highs will be dropping up to twenty degrees! This will also allow overnight lows in the west side valleys to drop to freezing and we could see frost formation. Sensitive vegetation may be damaged if precautions are not made, and remember to make sure any animals you keep outdoors have drinkable water in the overnight hours.

We start to warm up and dry out by Tuesday with more sunshine through Thursday!

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Meteorologist Megan Parry