Warm Front, Cold Front “Double Punch”

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A warm front, with moisture originating near the Hawaiian Islands is surging northeastward towards the Oregon and Northern California Coastlines.  The snow levels will rise to 6,000 feet, while rain will fall, “heavy at times” in the Coastal and Coastal Mountain sections, some heavy rain will fall in the Illinois Valley, west side of the Rogue Valley and northward to Merlin and Southern Douglas County…some heavy rain will also fall in the Cascades and Siskiyou Mountains.

A cold Gulf of Alaska front will press eastward, increasing the rain and lowering the snow levels during the morning on Wednesday.  Behind this front, showers will follow for the remainder of the day.

High pressure and partly cloudy skies will follow until the weekend, when a brush-by weather front may bring a few showers to the coast and Cascades late Saturday and early Sunday.  Otherwise, after temperatures drop on Wednesday and Thursday, highs will return to the 60’s going into the weekend.