Warm & Dry, then Showers & Thunderstorms

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An upper low will be the main weather influence through the week with warm and dry conditions to start the week then the chance for showers and thunderstorms midweek. The upper low is going to re-enter the jetstream and create a negatively tilted jetstream, which is the ideal setup for thunderstorms. The low will usher in increasing moisture from the southwest through the week, this means that thunderstorm potential will increase but also more rain possible! The best chance for showers and thunderstorms will be Wednesday through Friday and while most will form over higher terrain, the threat will be across the viewing area. There are some pros and cons with these thunderstorms.

We’ll start with the good news: thunderstorms can produce heavy rain which will not only help with the fire fight if thunderstorms form over current fires, but it will also help wash smoke out of the air.
Now for the bad, lightning could spark new fires and heavy rain in thunderstorms could cause flash flooding in already burned areas. Expecting to see increasing showers and thunderstorm rain through the week, but decreasing temperatures which will also help with the fire fight.

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Meteorologist Megan