Warm and Dry Over the Weekend

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70th Anniversary of the Invasion of Normandy “D-Day”

Sunny skies and warm temperatures are continuing in the region. A dominant ridge of high pressure is parked, just off the coast and promoting cloudless skies. A thermal trough has set itself up over Northern California which is keeping the warmer temperatures overhead. The combination of these features is contributing to the Chetco Effect. Brookings has been breaking 80 degrees in the afternoons and only dropping into the upper 60’s or 70’s for overnight lows. Temperatures are so warm in the afternoons that we are closer to records than seasonal averages. Some areas in the region are 10-15 degrees above normal. These events will continue at least until Monday, which is when the thermal low is set to break down and move out of our region.

Unusual temperatures are not the only thing happening. Gusty afternoon winds are plaguing the area. Gusts up to 40 mph were recorded along the coast, and gusts up to 25 mph occurred in some inland areas. A tight pressure gradient over the regions will be keeping winds gusty in the afternoon hours at least until the high pressure ridge breaks down early next week.

A RED FLAG WARNING is in effect for the Western Rogue River Basin (including the Illinois Valley ) and the Western Klamath National Forest until 8 p.m. Friday. Gusty winds, along with very low humidities will cause rapid spreading of any new fire ignitions.

Sunny skies will continue for the long term. The high pressure ridge will break down early next week allowing for cooler temperatures to settle in. It will still be warm outside, but temperatures will be closer to seasonal average at this time. Clouds will return to the region on Wednesday of next week.

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Meteorologist Seth Phillips

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