Walmart Store Prepping to Open

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MEDFORD, Ore. — After a year of remodeling, the north Walmart store in Medford is gearing up to re-open.

People have been stopping by all day thinking the Walmart store is open, but that’s not till a couple more days. The hundreds of employees who have been getting the store ready are newly-hired or transfers.

The store originally had about 250 employees but now has 380 at its store. Several associates transferred back from the south Wal-Mart store. The Wal-Mart on Crater Lake Highway is adding about 25 thousand square feet as part of its super-store addition.

Some of the additions include a food and deli section and an expanded outdoor garden section. The store will not have the environmentally friendly additions with the lights like the south-Walmart location.

The Talent Walmart store closed its doors. That building is now home to Brammo an Ashland-based motorcycle company. The closures are especially disappointing for residents who live behind the Talent store.

The grand opening of Walmart is September 11th at 7:30 in the morning. Walmart wants to give back to Southern Oregon by giving donations to local organizations, like ACCESS, Boy Scouts and the Medford Chamber of Commerce.

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  1. kate wood says:

    Why are you using 9/11 as an opening date for Walmart?
    We were having a discussion tonight and everyone at the table found it insensitive and disrespectful- even those who like Walmart and plan to shop there.
    I would like a rational reason why Walmart has chosen 9/11. Is it to make a statement that we are above all of that and you can’t stop us, which is still not good enough, or is it because you all have forgotten how much was sacrificed by so many and are more interested in making a buck than honoring the memory of those fallen.
    9/11 is a date that should remain as a day of reflection.
    Not happy with this choice at all.
    Kate Wood

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