Walmart Expansion In Medford Creating Jobs Soon

By Sharon Ko

MEDFORD, Ore. — Walmart is planning to hire employees at two of its locations within a year. The company says it needs employees as it expands one store and opens another.

At the south Medford Walmart, company employees have been getting the store ready since Monday. A Walmart spokeswoman says they are only hiring a few people for August’s opening.

Walmart is renovating its north Medford location and closing down one in Talent, but there are no jobs lost. A spokeswoman says about 375 associates from both locations are transferring over to the south Medford location.

Once expansion is completed in north Medford, Walmart plans to hire more employees for that location, creating approximately 140 new jobs. They’ll also add an additional 190 employees to the south Medford location.

As Walmart prepares to open its larger store, some say they are sad to see to the Talent location close.

“It was really convenient for us to drive from Ashland out here,” says local resident John Barnard. “And the parking lot wasn’t full but we liked the fact that there weren’t a lot of people here.”

The Walmart spokeswoman says the south Medford location will feature departments missing from Talent, such as groceries, in addition to general merchandise and pharmacy services. But some say they are taking their business elsewhere to avoid traffic.

“There’s going to be a lot more people, a lot more cars, and we probably won’t go out there as often,” Barnard says.

Walmart in south Medford is planning to open in August. The one in north Medford is opening up again in a year. By next summer, applications will be available on Walmart’s website.