Waiting for Bear Camp

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GALICE, Ore. — Memorial Day Weekend is less than two weeks away, and many people who enjoy floating the lower Rogue River are gearing up for the beginning of float season.

Things were quiet at Grave Creek boat ramp on Monday morning, but operators of Galice Resort say the past couple weekends have been busy on the river, but getting back from the coast after several days floating down the river is still a long shuttle trip, because Bear Camp Road is not yet open.

Those who run the shuttles say snow is blocking the highest part of Bear Camp, waiting for forest service crews to plow it out.

‚ÄúThere is between one and two miles of snow that are two to five feet deep and it’s on the north sloping side, and so it doesn’t get any sun. So that’s what we’re waiting for,” explained Galice Resort’s Debbie Thomason.

Using Bear Camp Road cuts the shuttle time by at least half. Forest Service Spokesman Paul Galloway says they expect to have plow crews on the Bear Camp Road by next week.