Wading Pool to be Paved Over

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ASHLAND, Ore. — The wading pool at Daniel Meyer pool in Ashland is being paved over due to health concerns. The Ashland Parks and Recreation Department said this will be a fairly quick and easy process.

Due to recent health code updates, the pool is not meeting sanitation standards.  Since the kiddie pool is typically used by toddlers and young children, it must have higher levels of sanitizer.  However, the wading pool and the general use pool share a water circulation system, and this makes it difficult to maintain required sanitation levels.

“The main issue is if a contaminate is introduced in this pool that it will go to the pump and filtration system, which will basically intermingle with the rest of the water that is being reticulated throughout the facility,” said Lonny Flora, Ashland’s recreation coordinator.

The wading pool has been shut down for short periods of time because of health concerns in the past.