Volunteers Get Flood Evacuation Training

PHOENIX, Ore. – The Bear Creek community is practicing how to save lives in flood situations with an emergency evacuation simulation.

Community emergency response teams, or CERT volunteers, were sent out on a door-to-door exercise Saturday to see how quickly they could evacuate locals in the event of a flood. The training is called the H20 Disaster Exercise.

Local police, fire, and sheriff’s offices teamed up with the American Red Cross for the evacuation. It took place in neighborhoods with high flood risk and was designed to mimic real life scenarios.

“We try to plan out everything as best we can but we want to leave that element of surprise,” said Ashley Lara, spokesperson for the training event. “We don’t want to fine-tune everything to the extent that everyone knows exactly what they need to do.”

Jacksonville participated in an emergency evacuation last year. Next year, it will be Central Point’s turn.