Volunteers Clear Mount Ashland Trails

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ASHLAND, Ore. —┬áThe wet trails on Mount Ashland were molded like clay back to ideal riding conditions Saturday morning by Southern Oregon University students and other volunteers.

“We just got a little bit of rain last night so we wanted to take advantage of it and clean up the trails a little bit” said SOU student Tyler McFarlane.

McFarlane tries to ride the trails every Saturday with the mountain bike club, but Saturday he volunteered his time to give back to Mount Ashland

“Well after these long, dry summers, it’s really important to come out here and just flatten out. We get what’s called breaking bumps and it’s from riders riding their breaks”

Owner of Ashland Mountain Adventures, Bill Roussel, says he’s in his fifth season of volunteering to help maintain the trails. He says every few years a trail needs to have special attention to clear out overgrown brush.

“Vegetation grows over the trail and about once every three to five years we go back and clear it back” said Roussel.

McFarlane says the fall and winter are key times to work on the trails and the SOU Outdoor Program will be out working on the trails again soon.

“During the summer it’s just left to get torn up and then we come back in the fall and do it over again” said McFarlane.

Mountain bikers will now notice smother rides along the Lower Bowl Gap, Cat Walk and Mystical trails.