Volunteers Clean Up Tsunami Damage On Crescent City Beaches

By Steven Sandberg

March 19, 2011

CRESCENT CITY, Calif.  — More than a week after the tsunami devastated Crescent City’s harbor, volunteers say they want to do their part to help rebuild from the disaster.

On Saturday, hundreds of volunteers armed with garbage bags combed the beaches of Crescent City, cleaning up whatever debris they could find.

The waves from the tsunami on March 11 had washed countless amounts of debris to shore. Volunteers said they found pieces of dock, windows from boats, garbage, and a large amount of Styrofoam and cement from the harbor.

Organizers say they were impressed by the turnout.

“It says a lot for our community,” said Jay Sarina. “When something like this magnitude occurs, and this is not the first time, every time something like this has occurred people have come out to help. And they’re a very resilient group, the entire community.”