Volunteers Check on Seniors in the Cold

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MEDFORD, Ore. — During these cold temperatures, a group of volunteers is checking in on seniors and delivering meals.

Food and Friends serves nearly 4,000 seniors in southern Oregon, but it said this week volunteers are trying to do a little more than just deliver meals.

During deliveries, volunteers are checking in on seniors to see if they are in good health, and whether they are experiencing any problems in the cold weather.

If volunteers notice something wrong with the heat inside a senior’s home, they can contact the building manager or emergency contact, to make sure it is fixed and the senior is kept safe.

The icy roads are also posing problems for volunteers, and making them take a little extra time to get to their deliveries.

“I almost volunteered my husband to come with me today, to drive,” said volunteer Juanita Atkins. “But it’s enough better today that it’s ok.”

Food and Friends said so far their volunteers have not encountered any problems driving to meal deliveries.

For more information on how to sign up for Meals on Wheels, in Jackson County, call 541-734-9505. In Josephine County, call 541-955-8839.

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  1. Citizen A says:

    Enough thanks cannot be expressed to these wonderful volunteers, especially for making the extra effort during this cold icy weather blitz. Your efforts do not go unnoticed and everyone you serve is blessed to have you in their lives. You do make a difference – each and every day.

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